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Values, Emphasis and Vision

The service promise leaf includes everything you can expect from an Íslandshotel employee. We have integrated our values, emphasis and vision into the leafs of our logo, as it represent what everyone within the corporation stands for.


In professionalism, we provide excellent service to our customers. In courage, we show initiative and strive to do better each day. In cooperation, we are a strong and integrated work team. In honesty, we show respect, confidence and honesty.

Our Promises

We are positive, we see the best in things and react positively in different scenarios. We are personal, we show empathy in everything that we do. We are solution-oriented, we strengthen our skills to deal with difficult scenarios. We are professional, we emphasize on training, skills and excellent service.


We want to be the first choice for visitors. We want to be recognized for our unique hospitality and communication based on the golden rule. We will create capital goods. We emphasize on efficiency and return on investment. We stragetically reduce waste in all areas and strive to utilize valuable goods. We want to create a desirable workplace. We create a rewarding work environment where we all have the chance to develop and grow. We will show corporate social responsibility in our actions and our priorities are environmental issues, preventions and charity.


Our goal is to create a powerful team with strong corporate culture based on the golden rule. We want to provide excellent service and exceed expectations of our guests. We teach productive management for value creation and progressive development for we will always be one step ahead.