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Safe Stay at Íslandshótel

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Íslandshótel have emphasized the safety and wellness of our guests and employees. In Iceland, good progress has been made with regards to containment of the COVID-19 virus due to early preventive action and extensive testing on large part of the population. We have worked closely with the Red Cross and Icelandic Health Authorities in providing back up accommodation, in our closed hotels, for hospital beds as well facilities for emergency staff. This has allowed us to implement strict procedures and training in all our properties which we will continue to review and adapt in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

Íslandshótel also participates in a project launched by the Icelandic Tourist Board based on a foreign model and called Clean & Safe.clean and safe
A promise made to welcome guests in a responsible way so that they feel safe while creating good memories.

Guidelines regarding test results and quarantine. 

Guests that are waiting for tests results after arrival to Iceland cannot stay in public areas of the hotel and be around other guests.

  • Required to advise hotel they are waiting for PCR results.
  • Wear mask at check in and wait for results in guest room.
  • For meals, guests must order room-service until test results are in place.
  • Guests arriving with morning flights need to book a room for the previous night as they cannot wait in public areas.

Travelers who need to stay in a 5-day quarantine upon arrival are welcome to do so. Rooms intended for guests in quarantine are separated from rooms for guests that are not in quarantine.  

What are guests allowed to do in quarantine?

  1. Guests should stay in their room as much as possible.
  2. Guests may go for a walk, but still need to secure the 2 meter rule, they are not allowed to stop in the common areas of the property.
  3. Further information how quarantine works can be found here

Key Touchpoints Sanitized In Our Guest Rooms

That‘s how we do it!

Guest Rooms

Switches and Electronic controls

  • Light switches and Power outlets sanitized
  • Lamps, climate controls, electric windows switches sanitized
  • Remote control sanitized and kept in a unique use protective bag (sticker on it after change)
  • Telephone handset, pads and function buttons sanitized
  • Our Phone sets are made of Antibacterial plastic tested to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria growth


  • Door knobs sanitized at each cleaning
  • Toilet seat and controls, sink, shower, shower tub and sink controls sanitized at each cleaning
  • Fastened dispensers sanitized daily
  • Hair dryer sanitized
  • Glasses, trays and other accessories
  • We are using biodegradable glass and tableware

Desk and other hard surfaces

  • Stationeries, pen and papers removed. Information available at Front Desk
  • Desk legs, top and under the table cleaning
  • In room safe

Public Areas

Main Entrance

  • Entrance door handles/knobs are cleaned frequently

Elevators and Corridors

  • Wipes available in front and inside elevators for pushing the floor buttons
  • Recycle bins
  • Floor doors cleaned regularly and door knobs sanitized

Lobby and Reception

  • Lobby furniture cleaned regularly
  • Gloves, spirit
  • Recycle bins
  • Reception Desk sanitized regularly
  • Wipes, gloves and spirit available for the card terminals
  • Key disinfected after each use in hotels without electronic locks



  • We have elevated the requirements of our hygiene plan to include the rules of conduct for our employees, pest control and cleaning procedures.
  • All these aspects are recorded daily!

Dining Area

  • Printed menus for unique use
  • Tables sanitized between services
  • Glassware, cutlery extra clean
  • Gloves and spirit
  • Utensils kept in freezers before use

Bar Area

  • Flyers removed
  • Desk legs, top and under the table cleaning
  • Foot rests
  • Card terminals
  • Gloves and spirit

Our Employees

  • We make sure our employees stay healthy by protecting their working environment. Keep record and monitoring their Health Status
  • We encourage our employees to use the C19-Tracing app
  • Our staff is instructed to respect the 2 meters social distancing rule
  • Guests can request that no one enters the room during their stay, in this case no room cleaning will be done during the day. Please inform front desk

Spas and Gyms

  • All contact surfaces are sprayed with antibacterial substance
  • High risk infection areas are cleaned on a regular bases to create protection against pathogen spreat
  • Handles and seats of treadmills

Surroundings and Back Offices

  • Cleaning is in accordance with the Safety Regulations issued by the Directorate of Health.

Updates and Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact but the well-being and safety of our guests and staff remains our number one priority.

We follow the guidelines of global and local health authorities and have increased the focus on hand hygiene and cleaning protocols at all our hotels.

All our staff has been provided with information and instructions and are able to handle situations that may occur. We also encourage our guests to practice good hygiene by washing their hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. Guests should maintain distance and avoid unnecessary hand contact or touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

    How can I learn more?

    Here are global and domestic resources but we encourage travelers to look for most recent and relevant resources in their country to learn more about COVID-19 and government travel advice.

    Latest update from the The Directorate of Health in Iceland on effective restrictions, quarantine and traveling to/from Iceland.

    Information on Covid-19 from the World Health Organization.