The restaurant has a distinct personality as the whale themed decor is again dominant in this hotel area. At Moby Dick Restaurant you can enjoy a drink or two before after a thrilling day in the Húsavík area. As we at Fosshotel always try to work with the local community, the menu is mostly based on local ingredients, and is especially known for its magnificent Reindeer burger.

The restaurant seats up to 70 people but can be expanded into the Skjálfandi Venue which seats up to 300 people.

Moby Dick Restaurant is open from 17-21 and 15-21 on Saturdays
The bar is open from 16-23 and 15-23 on Saturdays.


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Light Dishes
Soup of the day - With freshly baked bread and whipped butter.
1.890 ISK
Lobster soup - With Cashew nuts, Feta cheese, red onion, tomatoes, melon, and bell peppers.2.190 ISK
Chicken Salad - With Cashew nuts, Feta cheese, red onion, tomatoes, melon, and bell peppers.2.190 ISK
Lobster Salad - With mango, red onion, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and cashew nuts.2.490 ISK
Crispy onion rings - Avocado and sweet potatoe fries served with chili mayo.990 ISK
Chicken Wings - With BBQ and blue cheese sauce.1.390 ISK
Reindeer burger 140 gr.  - Camembert, salat, jammed onion, blue cheese sauce and blueberry sauce. Served with sweet potato fries and sause.2.990 ISK
Beef burger 150 gr. - Cheese, tomatoes, salad, red onions, horseradish sauce, chili mayo. Served with French fries.2.690 ISK
Pulled pork - with coleslaw, horseradish sauce, chilimayo and French fries.2.690 ISK
Open Chicken sandwich - With bacon, panfried mushrooms, onion, kale salad, grapes and chili mayo served with French Fries.2.890 ISK
Open beef sandwich - With Bernaise sauce, kale salad, mushrooms, onions and bell pepper. Served with French Fries and sauce.2.990 ISK
Vegan burger - With fresh salat, mushroom, peppert, jamed onion and chilimayo. Served with seweet potatoe fries.2.690 ISK
Main Courses
Beef tenderloin - Slowcooked beef tenderloin, served with potato, roasted vegetables and Bernaise sauce.5.490 ISK
Fillet of Lamb - Fillet of Lamb, served with potato, root vegetables and red wine demi glace.4.990 ISK
Grilled Chickenbreast - With roasted vegetables, potatoe and cream sauce.3.990 ISK
Arctic char - With potatoes, root vegetables and hollandaise sauce.3.590 ISK
Fish and chips - Grilled Icelandic beef tenderloin, French fries and béarnaise sauce.2.590 ISK
Catfish - With grilled vegetables and bell pepper sauce.3.590 ISK
Babyribs - With coleslaw, French fries and BBQ.3.990 ISK
Vegetable steak -  With fresh salat and roasted vegetables3.490 ISK

All pizzas are 12"

Margarita - Sauce and cheese1.790 ISK
Pepperoni - Pepperoni, jalapeno, onions and mushrooms
2.990 ISK
Hawaii - Ham and pineapple2.490 ISK
Cheese Feast - Camembert, bluecheese, parmesan2.790 ISK
Lobster pizza - Garlic bread with roasted Longoustine, spinach and red oninon3.190 ISK
Pulled pork - With BBQ, mago chutney and chilimayo2.990 ISK
Cheese-breadsticks 9"1.190 ISK
 Garlic bread 9“1.190 ISK


Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream1.390 ISK
Salted caramel mousse1.390 ISK
Skyr cake1.390 ISK
Crème Bruleé 1.390 ISK

Set Menus

Two course with a meat main course6.790 ISK
Three course with a meat main course7.990 ISK
Two course with a fish main course4.990 ISK
Three course with a fish main course6.990 ISK
Two course with a vegetarian main course4.990 ISK
Three course with a vegetarian main course6.990 ISK