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Welcome to Grand Brasserie

Grand Brasserie welcomes you to its modern and elegant surroundings where our job is to treat you in a unique way. With a true passion for quality food, we pride ourselves on offering a choice of dishes, cooked with the finest ingredients, selected from only the freshest produce.

Variety of delicious dishes emphasizing Icelandic and Nordic cuisine. We take pride in using only top quality ingredients and are also pleased to give you a great variety of wines carefully selected by our experts. For dinner or just drinks, we suggest a cozy seat by the fireplace for relaxation. Grand Brasserie is open daily and offers à la carte menu.

The menus are prepared by Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, Grand Brasserie's head chef.


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Grand Brasserie is open 12-14 and 18-22. Miðgarður Bar and Torfastofa Lounge are open daily with a great selection of light meals and a wide range of wines and cocktails. Happy hour from 16-19.


Soup of the day - Ask your waiter1.500 ISK
Reindeer paté - Pickled vegetables, cumberland sauce.1.990 ISK
Angelica- & Anise cured salmon - Mustard sauce, Icelandic rye bread.1.990 ISK
Seafood soup - Sea truffle cream.2.390 ISK
Main Courses
Course of the day - Ask your waiter2.300 ISK
Traditional Icelandic fish stew gratin - Bearnaise sauce, Icelandic rye bread.3.200 ISK
Grilled beef tenderloin - Béarnaise sauce, french fries.6.400 ISK
Grilled "Úllala" chicken - Rosemary white wine sauce, mashed potatoes.3.990 ISK
Beetroot Wellington - Mixed salad "Úllala".4.290 ISK
Duck salad - Pears, cashew nuts, sesam, vinaigrette.2.390 ISK
Comfort Food

Grand hamburger - 175g beef burger, tomatoes, pickles, onion, chili mayo, french fries.

2.890 ISK
Classic club sandwich - French fries.2.690 ISK
Cod orly - Tartar sauce, french fries.2.990 ISK


Omnom - Licorice white chocolate dream.1.690 ISK
Baked Vatnajökull - Ice cream, mixed berries, meringue.1.690 ISK
Apple cake 1.690 ISK