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Grand Vegan Buffet Week

Presented by the multi-awarded chef Úlfar Finnbjörnsson 20th to 26th of January.

We celebrate Veganuary by presenting a special vegan buffet during lunch and dinner hours at the Grand Brasserie. The buffet’s architect is our head chef Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, the Icelandic reigning champion in vegan dishes. We encourage you to try our variety of delicious and healthy vegan courses made by our kitchen staff here at the Grand Hotel Reykjavík.

2.900 ISK - Vegan Lunch Buffet
5.900 ISK - Vegan Dinner Buffet

Buffet‘s selected courses are including:
curry coconut soup with coriander and lime
vegetable and bean bun with tomat-cumin sauce
beetroot Wellington with wild mushroom vinaigrette
OUMPH! with portobello, squash, barley, sesame sauce , baked cauliflower and broccoli
warm apple pie with cinnamon ice cream and vegan pavlova with blended berries.

Following the buffet, we will introduce a special Grand Brasserie vegan menu which will be served with the regular menu, all year long.

Please note during the Grand Vegan Buffet Week we will be serving selected courses from our Brasserie menu.


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Variety of delicious dishes emphasizing Icelandic and Nordic cuisine. We take pride in using only top quality ingredients and are also pleased to give you a great variety of wines carefully selected by our experts. Grand Brasserie is open daily and offers à la carte menu.


Menu by Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, head chef at Grand Brasserie.


Three types of Marinated Herring – dark rye bread, onion, beetroot, egg1.690 ISK
Reindeer Paté – dried reindeer sausage, pickled vegetables, Cumberland sauce1.990 ISK
Arctic Angelica & Anis Cured Salmon – mustard sauce, homemade rye bread1.990 ISK
Smoked Lamb Roll – sesame cheese, beetroot1.990 ISK

Soups and salads

Soup of The Day – Please ask the waiter1.590 ISK
Pumpkin Soup (V)1.790 ISK
Seafood Soup – mixed shellfish, sea truffle cream1.990 ISK
Crispy Duck Salad – pear, pecan nuts, sesame vinaigrette (vegan option)1.990 ISK
Spinach Salad – cucumber, dill, lemon (V)1.690 ISK

Léttir réttir

Grand Hamburger – 175 g beef, tomato, pickles, onion, chili mayo, french fries2.890 ISK
Classic Club Sandwich – french fries2.490 ISK
Reindeer Burger – red onion jam, blue cheese, rucola, french fries3.090 ISK
Langoustine – tagliatelle, cream sauce, garlic bread4.890 ISK

Úr djúpinu

Deep fried Cod Orly – tarta sauce, french fries2.890 ISK
Deep fried Camembert1.890 ISK
Deep fried Squid – lime, chili sauce2.190 ISK


Baked Cauliflower – broccoli, tomato cumin sauce (V)2.890 ISK
Vegan Steak – barley, mixed vegetables, nuts, seeds, pesto (V)2.890 ISK


Catch of The Day – Please ask your waiter3.290 ISK
Traditional Icelandic Fish Stew gratinée – Béarnaise sauce, Icelandic rye bread2.990 ISK
Butter fried Salmon – dill potatoes, vegetables, white wine sauce3.990 ISK
Grilled Atlantic Catfish – citrus potatoes, cauliflower, chive sauce3.400 ISK


Úlla la Turkey slices – celeriac, mashed potatoes, rosemary sauce3.990 ISK
Grilled Beef Tenderloin – Béarnaise sauce, portobello mushrooms, french fries5.590 ISK
Slow Cooked side of Pork – gratinated potatoes, root vegetables, red wine sauce3.990 ISK
Confit Duck legs – baked onion, mashed potatoes, truffle sauce4.990 ISK


Pavlova – vanilla cream and selection of berries1.490 ISK
Icelandic Skyr – blueberries, blueberries and blueberries1.490 ISK
Baked Vatnajökull – ice cream, meringue and mixed berries1.490 ISK