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Welcome to The Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant welcomes you to its modern and elegant surroundings where our job is to treat you in a unique way.

Variety of delicious dishes compliment our menu emphasizing Icelandic and Nordic cuisine. We take pride in using only top quality ingredients. We are also pleased to give you a great variety of wines carefully selected by our experts. For dinner or just drinks, we suggest a cozy seat by the fireplace for relaxation. Grand Restaurant is open daily and offers an à la carte menu.


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For further information and reservations please call +354 514 8000.

Grand Restaurant is open 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-22:00. Miðgarður Bar and Torfastofa Lounge are open daily with a great selection of light meals and a wide range of wines and cocktails.

Grand Restaurant Menu

The Cordon-Bleu Award winning chef, Mr. Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, is the head chef at Grand Restaurant. He has written many cuisine books and performed in his own tv shows. Known as “The Wild Chef“ Úlfar truly is one of Icelands’s finest chefs. Here below, you will find Úlfar's menu.

Home cured salmon & rye bread from our Grand Bakery - Mustard, eggs & dill.2.190 ISK
Caesar salad - Pamigiano, croutons, romaine with Caesar dressing.2.190 ISK
Shellfish soup - Lobster, scallops, celeriac & fennel.2.590 ISK
Minke whale, marinated & grilled - Jerusalem artichokes, blueberries, rocket salat & red chard.2.390 ISK
Main courses
Lamb Prime & slow cooked Leg of Lamb - Icelandic beats, brussel sprout, cabbage, new potato mash.5.490 ISK
200 gr. Beef Tenderloin & Langoustine - Celery, mushrooms, potatoes & béarnaise.5.990 ISK
Plaice - Barley, savoy cabbage, tomato & mussels.4.590 ISK
Pan Fried Icelandic Cod - Cauliflower, broccoli, arctic char roes & new potatoes.4.790 ISK
The Grand Burger - 175 g beef burger, Óðals Havarti cheese, onion ring, tomato salsa & homemade fries.2.890 ISK
Vegrand Been Beef - Lentils, pesto, peanuts, zucchini & tomato.2.890 ISK
Blueberry Cake - White chocolate, meringue, cream cheese & oats.1.990 ISK
Chocolate Raisin Ice Cream - Vanilla, caramel & rum.1.990 ISK
Rhubarb Cake - Almonds, chocolate & celeriac sorbet.1.990 ISK
Three kinds of ice cold & fresh Sorbet - Blueberries, strawberries & celeriac.1.690 ISK
Three course menu
Shellfish soup - Lobster, scallops, celeriac & fennel.
Main course
200 gr. beef tenderloin & langoustine - Celery, mushrooms, potatoes & béarnaise. 
Pan fried cod - Cauliflower, broccoli, arctic char roes & new potatoes.
Chocolate raisin Ice Cream - Vanilla, caramel & rum.
8.490 ISK