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Good Food Good Times

We’re about classic and inspired cooking, good food and cocktails to match. We love food and are dedicated to ensure that every time you visit us, you will have fantastic food and service.

Uppsalir Bar and Café is the perfect destination for any occasion, whether it’s homemade cake and coffee, a business lunch, Icelandic traditional food or simply relaxing with a fabulous cocktail at the bar.

Come check us out at Aðalstræti 16 - The oldest street in Reykjavík.

Please note that Uppsalir Bar & Café is temporarily closed due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Reservations and Information

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For further information and reservations please call +354 514 6000 or send us an email at

Aðalstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík

Uppsalir Bar & Café is open Monday to Thursday from 11:30-23:00 and Friday and Saturday from 11:30-00:00. Happy Hour from 15:00-19:00.


The kitchen is open all days from 11:30-22:00.

Small courses
Sweet potato fries - with chili mayonnaise.
990 ISK
Reindeer paté with red onion jam990 ISK
Sweet potato fries - with chili mayonnaise990 ISK
Dried fish - with butter, a traditional Icelandic snack990 ISK
Shark - with a shot of Brennivín990 ISK
Smoked lamb - carpaccio with blueberries990 ISK
Minke whale - and mustard sauce
990 ISK
Deep fried camembert - with blueberry jam990 ISK
Root vegetables - with herb sauce
990 ISK
Shrimp - ceviche
990 ISK
Herring and rye bread990 ISK
Cured goose - with garlic dressing and herbs990 ISK
Of the grill

All burgers and sandwiches are served with fries and sauce.

Bacon and beer burger - bacon and beer jam, pickled cucumber and mustard sauce2.390 ISK
Spicy Vegan burger - spicy vegan mayo, vegan cheese, pickled red onion and tomatoes 2.890 ISK
Truffle burger - truffle mayo, onion rings and mushrooms2.390 ISK
The suffragette (hamburger 150g) - mushrooms, salad, tomatoes and mustard sauce2.390 ISK
Beef sandwich - with mushrooms, red onion and bearnaise sauce2.690 ISK
Open lamb sandwich - beer marinated lamb, bacon - beerjam and béarnaise sauce2.390 ISK
Chicken salad - grilled chicken thighs, cucumber, croutons, tomatoes and mustard sauce1.990 ISK
Garden salat - roasted nuts, tomatoes, celery, fennel, orange and honey-apple vinaigrett1.890 ISK
Scones with smoked salmon - egg, pickled onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, horseradish sauce and salat1.890 ISK
Icelandic meat soup - lamb, vegetables and barley.2.390 ISK
Seafood soup - langoustine, scallops and salmon.2.390 ISK
Mushroom soup1.990 kr.
Main Menu
Fish stew - with ryebread and bearnaise2.290 ISK
Mussels in beer broth - served with fries and salad2.750 ISK
Chicken thighs - sweet potato fries, chili mayon and salad2.590 ISK
Grilled salmon - carrots, onion, salad and chives sauce2.790 ISK
Fish and chips - deep fried cod and tartar sauce2.390 ISK
Beef tenderloins - Fries and bearnaise3.190 ISK
Liquorice - Liquorice mousse, blood orange sorbet and white chocolate1.690 ISK
Apple - Apple cake, almonds, vanilla ice cream and caramel1.690 ISK
Chocolate brownie - Walnuts, caramel, and vanilla ice cream 1.690 ISK
Caramel cake - Dates, rice krispies and raspberry sorbet1.690 ISK
Ice cream and sorbets - 3 types a la chef1.290 ISK