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Classic tour - Ice Cave and tunnels

Tour provided by: Intotheglacier

2-3 hour tour from Klaki base camp during summer, and 3-5 hours from Húsafell during winter.


Your Into The Glacier Adventure is truly a unique experience. 

You will get the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy one of the world’s greatest wilderness; Iceland’s second largest glacier – from the inside! 

Never before the Langjokull ice tunnels has anyone been able to see the beautiful blue ice at the heart of an ice cap glacier. 

You’ll get to drive in a specially modified snow truck on the glacier, explore the glacier environment, enjoy a view out of this world and go INTO the glacier to experience the glacier’s beauty from the inside!

An experienced guide will lead the way the whole time to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves to the fullest.

It´s time to take ice cap glacier exploration to a whole new level. Dive in. Welcome on board! Book Your Into The Glacier Adventure now.

Shuttle transfer information: During our summer period (01.06 - 15.10 each year) we operate the shuttle transfer from Húsafell at 10:00, 12:30 and 15:00 as our glacier trucks are then located in our base camp Klaki which is closer to the glacier (around 45 minutes away from Húsafell). The cost to book the shuttle transfer is 2000 ISK per person extra. To skip this fee customers can arrive straight to our base camp (via road 550) but as the road that leads to Klaki is a gravel road we recommend that only 4x4 cars drive to this location. We recommend that customers that plan on arriving in Klaki on their own arrive there 30 minutes after the scheduled shuttle departure from Húsafell or at either 10:30, 13:00 or 15:30 depending on which timing they booked. During our winter period (16.10 - 31.05 each year), the large trucks drive from Húsafell at 10:00, 12.30 and 15:00 so booking the shuttle during winter is not necessary.

Please notice that departure in this tour is from Husafell or Klaki at Langjokull Glacier’s edge. You will need your own car to drive to the glacier where the tour starts.
  • Tour in a specially modified glacier vehicle on Langjokull glacier. Departure from either Husafell or Klaki base camp by the glacier’s edge.
  • Entrance and English speaking guidance in the ice cave and tunnels.
  • English speaking driver / guide / audio guidance.
  • Free WiFi in glacier vehicles.
Warm clothes, including a waterproof / warm coat and suitable footwear (even in summer). 
3 hours and 30 minutes