It is our responsibility as a leading business in the tourism field of Iceland.

We want to set an example when it comes to creating a sustainable tourism in Iceland and by doing so, support the increasing welfare of our community, employees, customers, and environment through our daily operations. We have therefore devoted ourselves to fulfill very strict requirements and to get recognized for their contributions to responsible tourism by getting confirmation from third-party certifications.

Nordic Swan

Hotel Reykjavík Grand has been certified by the Nordic Swan since 2012. It is the first one of our hotels that has conformed to the Nordic Eco-labeling criteria for hotels and is, according to our knowledge, the only hotel in Reykjavík to do so. We take great pride in the work we have been doing at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik which is currently the only hotel in our hotel chain do have been awarded any environmental certificates. The hotel will come to lay the lines for the rest of our operation for the coming years.

FEE's Green Key

Íslandshótel has pledged to have all hotels certified with FEE's Green Key before high seasons starts in 2023. 19th of January 2022, Íslandshótel hf. signed a contract with Vottunarstofan Tún ehf. for the Green Key certification for all the hotel properties of the hotel chain and with Klappir Grænar Lausnir hf. to keep track of sustainability measures of the Íslandshótel group.