Serving the public interest in regard to charitable, environmental and cultural concerns is Íslandshótel's ongoing and earnest endeavor.

Each month our Grant Committee meets to consider requests for grants or to place an ad or "sponsorship line" in magazines. We are glad to contribute to recognized organizations such as those listed where there is a need for help and we depend on you to keep us informed.

Here is a list of our benificiaries over the past few years.
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Umhyggja is an organisation devoted to the improvement of living conditions of chronically ill chrildren and their families. The organisation consists of parents that have themselves experinced those conditions alongside with skilled healtcareworkers. The main goals er to provide information about the needs of chronically ill children and to point those needs out to the authorities, encourage reforms when it comes to facilities.

Umhyggja also strives to bring together organisations that share their goals, both foreign and domestic.
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Icelandic Wetland Fund

The Icelandic Wetland Fund works to recover the Icelandic wetlands in partnership with landowners, states, municipalities, companies, associations and individuals. Experts from the Department of Agricultural Sciences, the Agricultural University of Iceland, Bird Protection, the University of Iceland Research Center and the Natural Resources Agency provide the Fund with professional advice in evaluating the Fund's projects.
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Fjölskylduhjálp Íslands

The organisation operates in the benefit for all women, men and chrildren that are in need. The need for an organisation such as "Fjölskylduhjálp Íslands" has been growing the past years but in the period from 2012 to 2013, the organisation distributed over 30.000 food units to families and individuals in need compared to 15.000 units in 2006.

The organisation mainly assists single mothers and fathers, senior citizens and low income individuals. The need is great.