Environmental Policy

We strive to achieve exceptional environmental standards that we can be proud of, and that our patrons will approve of too.

Íslandshótel are part of FEE´s Green Key and the Nordic Swan. We want to lead the way towards improving environmental standards in the hotel industry in Iceland and we are fully committed to achieving that aim.

We want to set the best example for others to follow by reducing our environmental impacts.

Environmental Policy

Íslandshotel Environmental Policy


Reducing energy consumption

  • Always using LED and energy saving lightbulbs
  • Purchasing energy saving equipment
  • Reducing energy consumption

Ecological purchasing 

  • Always purchasing environmentally certified products and services when available
  • Offering organic products, including certified organic breakfast foods

Reducing unsorted waste

  • Limiting single use or small packaged products if possible
  • Sorting all waste and sending it for recycling. At the moment we have 11 different categories for waste sorting
  • Provide easy management for waste sorting for guests and employees
  • Limiting use of chemicals and using soap dispensers

Reducing water consumption

  • Using water saving equipment
  • Constantly monitoring equipment settings as well as water consumption in the kitchen, laundry and gym

Environmental education and information

  • Providing customers with information on the hotel‘s environmental efforts to promote a positive environmental impact 

  • Ensuring our staff is informed of the hotel‘s environmental policy and trained to work accordingly.
  • Keep up with current environmental issues and promote general awareness

The flag ship of Íslandshótel, Hotel Reykjavík Grand, complies with the increasing guest requirements for organic food items and insures that our products listed as organic have been certified by independent authorities.

We offer our guests the following: a daily breakfast section with certified organic products including a certified organic “mini“ breakfast for meetings and a certified organic breakfast for individual groups. Certified organic coffee breaks are also available for afternoon meetings.

At Hotel Reykjavík Grand we actively source local products for our kitchen and strive to use Icelandic organic herbs and vegetables when available.

Whenever possible we purchase environmentally certified products and services.

Love Food

According to the European Consumers Organization, wasted food is equaling about a third of the food intended for consumption. This is preventable and we want to encourage our guests to minimize food waste.

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Nordic Ecolabelling since 2012

Hotel Reykjavík Grand is the first of our hotels to conform to the Nordic Ecolabeling criteria for hotels and is, to the best of our knowledge, the first and only hotel in Reykjavík to have done so.

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