Our Values and Vision

The service promise leaf includes everything you can expect from our employees.

We have integrated our values and vision into the leaves of our logo, as it represent what everyone within the hotel chain stands for.

Lauf Enska
Icon Values Menning (1)


We treat others the way we wish to be treated

We do the right thing
Our culture is based on The Golden Rule. We show empathy, warmth, respect and honesty – because we believe that is how everyone deserves to be treated. 

We care for others
The Golden Rule is our guiding principle in the way we treat guests, partners, colleagues, the communities we are part of and the nature that surrounds us.

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Icon Values Gildi


Professanalism, cooperation and courage

We are always professional
Professionalism is our cornerstone value. We seek to excel in every aspect of our work and constantly strive to improve our service. From the attention to detail to maintaining ethical practices, professionalism shines through and contributes to our exceptional hospitality.

Cooperation drives our success
Cooperation is the driving force behind our success. We value diverse perspectives, which lead to more dynamic teamwork and a powerful unity. We forge strong partnerships, internally and externally. Together we tackle challenges, innovate and create a harmonious atmosphere.

We are always courageous 
We have the courage to adapt, grow and lead. We embrace change, take calculated risks and confront challenges. We head into unchartered territories and push boundaries to achieve our vision. We do not settle for stagnation or mediocrity. 

Icon Values Hlutverk


Exceptional hospitality

Our mission is clear and unwavering: to consistently provide exceptional hospitality. It’s not just what we do; it’s who we are. We are committed to exceeding expectations, creating unforgettable memories, and ensuring that every guest feels truly special. Exceptional hospitality is not a goal; it’s our standard, and it guides everything we do.

Icon Values Framtidarsyn


To create meaningful experiences at inspiring destinations

We create unforgettable experiences
We emphasize strong growth and focus on a network of quality hotels and services throughout Iceland that offer unique experiences for guests. At each of our distinctive hotels, we offer guests not just a place to stay, but experiences that they will remember forever.

We drive sustainability
As the largest hospitality company in Iceland, we must set an example and have a positive influence on tourism. Our five-year vision is clear: to become a driving force in sustainability and guest experience at some of the most captivating locations across Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes.

We know that our future depends on our people 
We aspire to be pioneers and leaders in social responsibility, setting the standard for ethical tourism practices. We aim to be the first choice for talented individuals seeking careers within the hospitality industry. We nurture and empower our people, highlighting diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging. When our employees flourish, so do our guests’ experiences.   

We help local communities thrive
We care about local economies around Iceland and want to develop our properties in harmony with people and nature. Our ambition is to create meaningful experiences for the communities we operate within, ensuring that they, too, thrive alongside us.

Icon Values Vellidan

Employee well-being

Icon Values Upplifun

Guest experience

Icon Values Sjalfbaerni


Icon Values Ardbaer

Profitable business

Icon Values Stafraen

Digital transformation

Icon Values Aherslur


How do we support our vision?

Employee well-being
A thriving, motivated workforce is the cornerstone of exceptional hospitality. By supporting their physical and mental health, personal development, diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging, we ensure that our employees are not just part of a team, but a family that grows together.

Guest experience 
We are committed to creating unforgettable moments for our guests, from the warmest welcomes to the finest details of their stay. Every interaction, every service, and every stay should leave a lasting impression, turning visitors into lifelong advocates of our brand.

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, supporting local ecosystems, and contributing to the wellbeing of the planet. Our goal is to offer sustainable hospitality experiences that inspire and protect the very destinations we cherish.

Profitable business 
To fulfil our vision and responsibilities, we must maintain a robust financial foundation. Our commitment to profitability ensures the longevity of our mission, enabling us to continue investing in our people, properties, and sustainability initiatives.

Digital transformation 
We are dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and drive innovation. By embracing digital tools and solutions, we aim to set new standards of convenience and excellence in hospitality.