We cater to travellers from all walks of life

We have integrated our values, emphasis and vision into the leafs of our logo, as it represent what everyone within the corporation stands for.

We are a collective group of people full of team spirit. We want to provide excellent service and exceed the expectations of our guests. We are convinced that clear objectives and processes are key elements in creating value and successful business.

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People full of team spirit provide excellent service

We are a collective group of people full of team spirit who want to provide excellent service and exceed the expectations of our guests.

Our staff consists of international and diverse individuals that work tightly together as a team. 

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Within Íslandshótel, we strive to achieve environmental standards that we can be proud of and that our patrons will be pleased with.

We want to lead the way when it comes to environmental issues in the hotel industry in Iceland and we intend to do so. We have great power to drive transformation and inspire change at scale, for a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

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