Equality Scale 2022

Íslandshótel was awarded the Equality Scale award 2022.

Recently, Islandshotel received the recognition award of Jafnvægisvogin (Gender balance scale). Eliza Reid, first lady of Iceland gave out recognitions to companies that have shown great progress in gender ratio at award ceremony that was streamed live at RUV, the Icelandic national broadcasting service.

The objective of the Equality Scale is to improve gender balance at the executive level of Icelandic companies and encourage Icelandic businesses to become role model of equality. Íslandshótel has participated in the Equality Scale from the beginning and always met the criteria. This is the fourth time in a row Íslandshótel receives this award and worth mentioning Íslandshótel was the first company in the Icelandic travel industry to get there.

We are very proud to receive this recognition yet again and will continue our path for equality in the future.