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A charming little restaurant at Fosshotel Núpar featuring large windows with lava field scenery.

Set in the middle of a lava field, the restaurant at Fosshotel Núpar offers a contemporary Icelandic cuisine made from fresh ingredients obtained from local sources. With wooden tables and comfortable velvet sofas the restaurant Ideal for evening dinner and drinks after a busy day of exploring the South shore of Iceland.

Fosshotel Núpar's restaurant is open from 17:00-22:00.
The bar is open from 16:00-24:00.


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Further information and reservations please call our reception +354 517 3060 or email us at


Beef carpaccio - Green kale pesto, baked almonds, truffle oil, cranberries and parmesan1.950 ISK
Smoked arctic charr - Homemade ryebread, tarragon mayo, cucumber, fennel and cherry tomatoes1.790 ISK
Onion soup - Crispy cheese on toast1.390 ISK
Creamy langoustine soup - Scallops, langoustine and sea trout1.990 ISK
Baked brie cheese - Roasted hazelnuts, red currant and sweet onion1.950 ISK
Langoustine salad - Roasted cashews, blueberries, peppers and feta cheese2.990 ISK
Green salad - Roasted almonds, seeds, croutons, pickled red onions and kale pesto All our salads are grown in a greenhouse in Reykjavík1.790 ISK
Main Courses
Lamb ribeye - Potatoes, carrots, mushrooms with lamb jus3.990 ISK
Beef snitzel - Bacon, potatoes, onions and salad3.790 ISK
Arctic charr - Marinated miso local char, broccolini, leek, apple and kale pesto3.590 ISK
Nupa burger - Núpa mayo sauce, havarti cheese, bacon, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, salad and fries2.550 ISK
Spicy lanoustine pasta - Scallops, shrimps, sundried tomatoes, fennel and cream3.390 ISK
Vegetable pasta - Cottage cheese, spinach, tomato concasse and croutons2.790 ISK
Skyr and blueberry cream - Thyme, oats, crumble and sorrel1.390 ISK
Chocolate mousse - Raspberries, vanilla and caramel1.490 ISK
Hazelnut cake - Praline cream, strawberries1.390 ISK
White chocolate cake - Passionfruit, mandarins and meringues1.490 ISK
Vanilla ice cream - Hot chocolate sauce and berries1.490 ISK