Íslandshótel receives an award for education from the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise

Íslandshótel received an award for education from the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise 2021 for their strategic and targeted educational and training program for their employees. His Excellency, President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson awarded the honour to Davíð T. Ólafsson Managing Director, Erna Dís Ingólfsdóttir Chief HR & Quality officer, and Stefán Karl Snorrason HR Development & Quality Manager.

This acknowledgement is awarded to businesses that exceed others in terms of education and training. This is the eighth time that the award is presented during the “business education day” that is a cooperation between The Association of the Icelandic Electricity Industry, The Icelandic Travel Industry Association, The Icelandic Financial Services Association, The Federation of Icelandic Fisheries, The Federation of Icelandic Industries, The Federation of Trade & Services, and the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise. Furthermore, the educational award “Menntasprotinn” is presented. Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Lilja D. Alfreðsdóttir, awarded Domino´s the “Menntasprotinn” award and Íslandshótel sincerely congratulates them for their award. “Skills for the future” was the theme of the educational day this year.

In the reasoning for nominating Íslandshótel states that the company has strategically connected the structuring of the education and training program for their employees with their overall strategy, ensuring that all employees receive standardized, targeted, and strategic education. Varied educational work is within the company as there are continuous groups of professional boards. They consist solely of employees which purpose is to capture the knowledge within the company, identify the need for training and create educational material that supports the aim of the company which is professional service, team spirit, and exceptional hospitality. The company emphasizes on using technology and various tools to ensure equal access for all employees to opportunities when it comes to education and career development, as well as precisely measuring the progress. The company has also puts emphasis on cooperation between the school system and business community by participating in various projects, courses, councils, committees and by training interns and encouraging real skills assessments of employees.

Erna Dís Ingólfsdóttir, Chief HR & Quality officer of Íslandshótel.

“It is with great honour and much encouragement for us for the future to receive the educational award from the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise. Nevertheless, this honour is bestowed by the employees of Íslandshótel. To ensure good quality it is important to have expertise and to have knowledge management. Our experience at Íslandshótel is that exceptional performance is achieved by bringing all voices to the table when trying to create new solutions and support progress. It is key, that knowledge and training of employees is engraved in the company policy and culture, and that the progress is measured in real time. The greatest asset of Íslandshótel is their employees, but when we are in full operations, we have over 1000 employed from 49 different nationalities. It is, therefore, most important to take time to grow our people and meet diverse needs when it comes to education and training. It is also important that the management of the company understands the cooperation between competence, job satisfaction, service, and profitability. That to us, is surely an investment for the future.”

Here is a short clip from the awards at the online event