Guide to Dynjandi Waterfall

 Shot of Dynjandi waterfall along with another smaller waterfall into a dark pool.

Dynjandi waterfall is the largest of its kind in the Westfjords of Iceland. Sometimes known as Fjallfoss, this waterfall is the first of a collection of 7 waterfalls, which are also known as Dynjandi collectively. A visit to see these falls is definitely worth it, as it’s famously one of the most beautiful spots in the area - not just for the waterfalls themselves, but also for the incredible views of the surrounding fjords offered here.

The “Jewel of the Westfjords” is truly beautiful, and some even believe there is some supernatural being or troll finding residence behind the sheets of water. Red soil behind waterfalls might catch your eye, rich in iron and sometimes visible between drops of water. 

With many levels to its step-like structure, the sound of the sheer amount of water lives up to the name “Dynjandi”, which in Icelandic means thunderous or resounding. As the crystal clear waters flow over the rock, many say that it resembles a bridal veil. 

The top of the falls is some 30m wide, while the finishing crevice is around 60m across. The effect of several waterfalls around the main Dynjandi falls is powerful and immersive and most certainly an experience to add to any Westfjords trip.

What to See at Dynjandi 

Other Waterfalls

While the most significant waterfall at Dynjandi is the most breathtaking, the collection of smaller and more hidden waterfalls also makes for spectacular viewing. Each of these can be spotted on your way up to the biggest if you try! You’ll find each one marked on a map when you first park up to visit, in case you want to tick all of them off, but the names are as follows:


  • Bæjarfoss
  • Hæstahjallafoss
  • Hrísvaðsfoss
  • Hundafoss
  • Göngumannafoss
  • Kvíslarfoss 
  • Strompgljúfrarfoss (strompur) 


Archaeological Ruins

Around the paths, there is also plenty in the way of remains from the past to be seen. Ruins of an old turf farm can be seen from the middle ages, along with around 40 other notable historical remnants. Old farms and farmhouses would have littered the area, so there is no shortage of things to find amongst the vegetation.


Dynjandislaug Pool

If you can spot it from the marked paths, there is a lukewarm pool to be found among the waterfalls at Dynjandi. Now filled with vegetation and, with temperatures cooling rapidly, this pool is protected and cannot be bathed in. This is a great addition to a walk around the waterfall-filled region.


Hiking at Dynjandi

From the car park to the main Dynjandi waterfall, there is a small hike to undertake and is definitely worth it to achieve the best view of the surrounding fjords! The path, created in 1996 by a group of volunteers, is steep and rocky, so it’s a good idea to take special care when climbing. Make sure to stick to paths when exploring the area, as the group of waterfalls are a protected monument of Iceland.


The top of the main Dynjandi waterfall.

How to visit Dynjandi Waterfall


From Reykjavik, Dynjandi waterfall lies a 5-hour drive away. While not convenient from the capital, there is much to be said for a tour around the Westfjords. If you are to visit, consider Fosshotel Westfjords set in charming Patreksfjörður and just 1.5 hours to the west.