Unforgettable Views at Bolafjall Mountain

Flat top Bolafjall mountain with snow

The stunning Bolafjall is a must-visit attraction in the Westfjords. This Icelandic mountain offers an unforgettable experience with panoramic views of the ocean, complete with a unique viewing platform and a rolling rugged coastline. It’s no surprise that visitors flock to the mountain during the summer months as it’s one of Iceland’s peaks that can be accessed by car, making it easily reachable for anyone looking to explore the country’s natural beauty. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning to make Bolafjall part of your next Icelandic adventure.

Where is Bolafjall?

Bolafjall Mountain is located on the northwestern coast of Iceland, near the town of Bolungarvík. Standing at an incredible 628m tall, the views from the peak are truly astounding. On a clear day, you can see across the fjord and gaze at the dramatic Hornstrandir Peninsula.


The Bolafjall Viewing Platform

The viewing platform is a steel structure that was built on the peak of Bolafjall Mountain in 2022. With 60 tonnes of steel used in its construction, its location on the cliff’s edge provides visitors with an unparalleled panoramic view of the surrounding mountain line, while ensuring their safety. Since its completion, tourists have flocked to enjoy the views and take photos from a new perspective. 

A view from Bolafjall on a clear day across the fjords including the radar station.

The Radar Station

While you are exploring Bolafjall Mountain, you may come across a fenced-off building located at the summit by the car park. This is an old radar station, originally built by the United States in 1992, and is now controlled by the Icelandic Coast Guard. 

It is also worth exploring the gravel walking paths along the plateau, where you can find other viewpoints, including a view of the quaint town of Bolungarvík from above - a great spot to watch as the boats come into port. 

How to Get to Bolafjall

You can either hike to Bolafjall or drive a car to the peak. However, it is important to note that due to its location, the road that leads there is typically only open to cars from the middle of June to early September. If authorities deem that this unpaved road is dangerous, it can be closed even in the summer. But don’t let that deter you. You can still enjoy the incredible views from the top by hiking to the mountain. 

Steep and gravel road without barriers up to Bolafjall summit

Driving to Bolafjall

Bolafjall Mountain is only a 6-mile drive from the nearby town of Bolungarvík and takes around 10 minutes. From the town, head northwest on the 630 until you reach a right-hand turn at F-Road Skálavíkurvegur. Once you’ve turned onto Skálavíkurvegur, the road becomes steep and narrow with limited guard rails. Continue to follow the road until you get to the small car park in front of the radar station mentioned earlier. The GPS coordinates are N66° 10' 41.306" W23° 19' 56.612. 

Hiking to Bolafjall

If you would like to hike or have been faced with a road closure, there are several routes to choose from with varying levels of difficulty. Be prepared for the altitude and weather changes. Always check the forecast and bring additional layers to keep you warm. 

If you truly want to experience the wilderness of this northwestern region of Iceland, take a look at Fosshotel Westfjords, nestled deep within the peninsula. With excellent links to local wildlife attractions such as puffins at Latrabjarg, Fosshotel is a comfortable retreat to relax in after a long day of exploring.